Laslo Dienes - tuba

Laslo Dienes finished his basic music education in Apatin. He finished high school in Subotica.In 1996 he graduated at FMU Belgrade under professor Vinko Valetic, who was also his professor on his Master Studies.
Since 1992 he is a member of Belgrade philharmonic. As solo player he played with philharmonic orchestra from Belgrade and Nis.
He is a winner of many prices on various music competitions.

At the moment he is working at music school in Apatin were he teaches brass instruments and chamber music.

He works part time at Opera orchestra and in Belgrade Theater "Terazije"He is a President of Association of brass wind orchestra of Vojvodina.

Mladen Đorđević - trumpet, soloist, pedagogue

Mladen Đorđević was born in 1969 in Belgrade. At the age of six, he started to study trumpet. He has graduated and got his MA degree from the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade. In 1995, he became a professor at the abovementioned faculty, where he still gives lectures as an full professor.

He was a laureate of several regional competitions. In 1991, in Zagreb, he won the third prize at the competition of Music Artists of Yugoslavia, which, at that time, was the most important music competition of ex-Yugoslavia.

In 1988, he became professionally engaged as the second trumpet player in Radio-Television Belgrade Symphony Orchestra and by the end of the following year, he became the third trumpet player of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.

Since 1991-2011.,he has been the first trumpet soloist of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, gradually developing into one of the leading trumpet soloists, both in Serbia and in the Balkans. He has performed with various conductors and soloists (Zubin Mehta - 3. Mahler simf. solo post horn, Marta Argevic: Ravel piano concert, etc. Sreten Krstic-J.S.Bach:2.Brandenburg concert,Valeriy Afanasiev,Pol Mayer,Leopold Hager,En Shao,K.A.Rikenbaher), as well as with all the relevant orchestras in Serbia and Balkans.

The repertoire of Mladen Đorđević encompasses classical trumpet repertoire, from the Baroque to the XX century and Jazz. In his career, he has been particularly interested in Serbian composers and in the promotion of new pieces of music, some of which have been dedicated to him - S. Božić: Lazarevo bdenije, koncert za trubu (Lazar’s Vigil, Concert piece for trumpet) J. Bošnjak: Otkrovenje Sv. Jovana za solo trubu i veliki Hor (The Revelation of Saint John for Solo Trumpet and Choir), D.Despić: koncert za trubu i orkestar (Concert Pieces for Trumpet and Orchestra), A.Grgin: Laura-Jazz svita (Laura-Jazz Suite).

The discography, inter alia, includes: CD Eric Aubiera: Ivan Jevtic-Komplet trumpet works, as the second trumpet in the Divertiment for Two Trumpets and Orchestra (Harmonia Mundi, 2002.), Ivan Jevtic: Concert Pieces for Trumpet and Trombone (RTS-Beograd), Jugoslav Bosnjak: The Revelation of Saint John for Solo Trumpet and Choir (RTS-Beograd, 2008.) CD Tatjane Rankovic-klavir, Dimitri Sostakovic- Koncert za klavir i trubu, ,IBOX,N.Y.USA(2010.)

2011.CD Trumpi and Jazzical:Clod Bolinga,A Grgina I M.Garsona for trumpet and Jazz trio(Fmu-Beograd), 2011.CD with Majom Smiljanic Radic-organ:Music for trumpet and organ(Fmu-Beograd)
In 2004, he founded the ensemble Jazzical. He played at the concerts in Paris, Belgrade, Nis,Craiova,performing the following pieces of music: Clod Bolling: Toot Suite, A.Grgina: Laura-Jazz Suite, M.Garson: Paganini Jazz Variations.

In 2009. he had a concert with Eric Aubier in Amian-France, when he played V.Brandt: Piece de Concert N.2. and P.Sarasate:Chansons Tziganes and Rolipops from J.F.Michel for two trumpet with Eric Aubier.He had a masterclasse too.

In July 2010 he was a guest soloist at the Trumpet Gala-Concert of Gabor Boldocki on the festival Festspiele, Schwerin, Germany.
In December 2011. Belgrade Gala Concert:Trumpisimo, with leading European soloists: G.Boldockim, S.Nakarjakovim, accompanied Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.Playing as a soloist G.Tartini:Concert for trumpet and orchestra, and G.Ph.Telemman:Concert for three trumpets and orchestra.
He won the Gold Medal of Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra ,and the Silver Medal of the University of Arts in Belgrade.

Viktor Kirčenkov - horn

Horn player Viktor Kircenkov was born in Gadjacu, Ukraine 1973rd year. Music education has been gained in the Lysenko Music School in Poltava and the Tchaikovsky Music Academy in Kiev, where he graduated in the class of Professor Nikolaj Jurcenko. In 1992 he won first prize at the Ukrainian Youth Horn Competition. Since 1994 to 1996 he is a member of the Little Orchestra Opera Theatre in Kiev, and in 1996 he became solo horn player of Kiev Philharmonic.

He arrived to Croatia at 1998, in the National Theatre, Rijeka. Since 1999 he is a solo horn of the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra. He was a soloist and chamber musician. He has appeared as soloist with the Zagreb Philharmonic, Croatian Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra of Rijeka. Considerable interest shown for the works by Croatian composers, and some of them and first performed (V. Gržinić: Koncertino for Horn and Strings Zajc days 2002nd, P. Dešpalj: Ceremonial parade).

Since 2002 he is a member "XL" Tuba Quartet, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra. He was engaged in educational work as professor of horn at the middle and elementary music school Karlovac. He has performed with leading horn player Radovan Vlatkovic (R. Schumann: Konzertstcuck) and Bostjan Lipovsek, Simone Baroncini (R. Schumann: Concert Piece for four horns and orchestra in F major, op. 86) and studied in master classes with R. Vlatković E. Penzel, R. Horvath, and W. Frodys.

Ljubiša Jovanović - flute

Ljubisa Jovanovic graduated and received his MA. Degree in Belgrade, under prof. Miodrag Azanjac. He went on to do two years of advanced learning with prof. Christian Larde in Paris, where he received the Diplome Superiore de Concretiste in 1983. His years - long cooperation with one of the gratest contemporary musicians, flautist Aurele Nicolet, helped him prepare and realize numerous recitals and concerts of chamber music for flaute, ranging from Baroque to contemporary music. He has performed at all important festivals in Yugoslavia, as well as in France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Russia, Romania, Great Britain, Algeria, Finland and Argentina, Norway, Denmark, South African Republic etc.

He is a winner of many important recognition in area of musical creativity.

Ljubiša Jovanović has performed with the greatest contemporary flutist : Aurele Nicolet, Michel Debost, Christian Larde, Emmanuel Pahud, Irena Grafenauer.

Over 25 years he was solo flutist of the Belgrade Opera and Ballet Orchestra,the Belgrade Radio Television Symphony Orchestra and The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. Nowdays he is professor of flaute at the Faculty of
Music Art in Belgrade and at the Music Academy in Cetinje (Montenegro).From 2002 he is Vice Dean for artistic work at the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade.

Alenka Zupan - flute

Alenka Zupan enrolled in the Koper Music School when she was seven years old. In the first ten years her tutor was Marijan Kocjančič. In 1987, she passed her final solo recital with distinction. Quite early in her life she discovered her passion for teaching and working with children, therefore she enrolled into and successfully completed the Teacher Training College in Koper (Slovenia). She was an exceptionally successful student and she won a range of prizes on music competitions. As early as in March 1979, she won the first prize in Category I - beak flute on the 8th Young Slovenian Musicians' Competition, while in 1987 she won another first prize in the Category I - wind quintet on the 16th Young Yugoslav Musicians' Competition.

Alenka continued her music studies at the Ljubljana Music and Ballet College under the guidance of Jože Pogačnik. She completed these studies with a recital that was assessed with a High Distinction. Concomitantly, she graduated at the Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana (Department of Primary School Teaching). The next institution that shaped her as a musician was the Academy of Music at the University of Ljubljana, (Conservatorium). Although the study program at this institution is four years long, Alenka fast tracked it and graduated as early as after the 3rdyear. Her teacher was Prof Fedja Rupel.

From 1995 to 1998, she continued her studies at the "Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris" (France) under the guidance of Prof Christian Cheret and at the Academy of Flute in Rome (Italy) under the supervision of Prof Raymond Guiot. In 1996, she was successful in gaining grants financed by the Slovenian Ministry of Culture and by the French Government to cover the costs of her postgraduate studies in Paris. She completed these studies in March 1998 with summa cum laude ("tres bien avec félicitations du jury"), and obtained the "Diplôme Supérieur de Concertiste" and the title "Academic Specialist - Flutist".

On 25 September 2006, she completed her Master studies at the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana (UL AG)and obtained an MA in Didactics (Flute). Her supervisors were Prof Fedja Rupel and Associate Professor Branka Rotar Pance. Her thesis dealt with problems related to learning and teaching exercises for flute.

Ognjen Popović - clarinet

Basis and Master Studies finished in a Munich into a classicist Ulfa Rodenhojzera. He received many prizes as well as a first prize at contest F. Mendelssohn in Berlin in 1998. In career he played at many concerts in Yugoslavia, Germany, Holland, Italy, Hungary, Russia, Japan... As a soloist he played with many orchestras all over the world. He was a member of the German Chamber music academy, Ensemble Villa Musica and orchestra of Stutgart Opera house. He is a founder of ensemble Balkan chamber academy, Ognjen and the friends. He is working as a first clarinetist - soloist at Belgrade philharmonic, and like composer and arranger.

Aleksandar Benčić - trombone

Basis and High school finished in Novi Sad. In 1993 he graduated at Colledge for music in Belgrade and in 1995 he achieved a Master's degree in class of Professor Vinko Valetic.
He conquered of numerous prizes at various contests, as a prize from Bruno Brun fund for students. From 1993 regularly appear as soloist and chamber musician and from 1988 he became a member of Belgrade philharmonic, Symphonic orchestra RTS, as a member of Opera & Ballet on National Theater in Belgrade.

Like a docent for trombone he has been working at FMU in Belgrade from 1995, and from 2006 like an extraordinary professor. He also works in a basis and high musical schools.

Davor Bušić - flute

He finished elementry and high music school in Sarajevo. He graduated at Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade, in the class of proffessor Miodrag Azanjac. After his graduation he spent one year in Paris where he specialized flute literature of the 20th century with Professor Ch. Lardea.

He finished his Master studies in Sarajevo in the class of prof. B. Drnda. For many years he plays as fist flaute in Sarajevo Philharmony and Opera of Sarajevo, and works as docent for flaute and chaber music at The Sarajevo Music Academy.

He is a winner of many prices and awards, participant of many festivals and tribines, as at master classes of many eminent proffesors of this instruments (Ch. Lardee, A. Marion, O. Nicolet). In 1995 he I the first flute player in H.N.K "Ivan Pl. Zajac" in Rijeka, and this days a first flute player in Rijeka Philharmoniy and flute professor in Music school "Ivan Matetic Ronjgov" in Rijeka. He played with orchestras in Croatia, Bosnia and Hecegovina, Slovenia, Austria, France and Italy.

Milena Lipovšek - flute

In 1998 she graduated on the Ljubljana Music Academy into a class of the professor Fedje Rupla, where she also finished the postgraduate studies in 2004. She made growth improvement at an master course at the professors M. Kofler , D. Nicholson, I. Grafenauer and F. Rengli.

She cooperated with chamber orchestra Camerate Labacensis, Mahler Chambers, orchestra of Maribor philharmonic and with state philharmonic OSESP Sao Paolo. From 1999 she is a solo flutist at Symphonic orchestra RTV Slovenia. She is a member of the Flute quartet, Flutes without borders and Trio Opus 3. She was a participant of the festivals in a Europe and South America. She is a professor in High school in Ljubljana and Celje.

Nataša Paklar-Marković - flute

She graduated at The Ljubljna Music Academy in class of Professor F. Rupela. She specialized in many seminars of eminent proffessors, S. Milan, G. Burgos, B. Fromanger, A. Lieberknecht.
Since 1989. she is a solo flute player in Opera orchestar and SNP balet in Ljubjana, and since 1993. player of piccolo flute in Slovenian Philharmony.
She is a winner of many first prices in republic and ex federal competitions, Octobar price of the city of Belgrade and Presern Price of University of Ljubljana. As a solo player she performed with Slovenian Philharmony orchestar, String orchestar Gudaci Sv. Dordje, string orchestar of Celje and chamber orchestra Carnium. She is a member of Empiem trio and Flute without limits quartet.
Beside standard repertoar for flaute she pays a lot of attention for performance of modern music. She performed very well many new peaces of slovenian, austrian and italian composers.

Guy Porat - oboe

Has been educated at conservatory for musician in a Israel, then continue his development in a Geneva in class of Moris Burg where he achieve soloist diploma. He was the winner on the contests in Manhajm, Frankfurt and Karlsruhe, as a laureate on many international contests.
He appeared as a soloist with orchestras in a Israel, Europe and in Cuba, as well as prestigious festivals of chamber music (Europe, USA, West Indies).
For the moment he is the first oboist at Budapest festival orchestra, with which appeared at a Carnegie hall, Kennedy centre, Royal Albert hall, Tokyo City Opera...
From 2001 he has been studying conducting at Prof. Morgenstern in Geneva.

Tibor Kerekeš - trumpet

Basis and High schools finished in his birth place Subotica where he also graduated in class of Professor Karolj Tokody. He graduated in 1992 at Musician academy in Ljubljana, in a class of respectable professor Anton Grcarj. In 1995 he post graduated at class of the same professor. Now he is a solo bugler at Slovenian philharmonic and docent on the musician academy of Ljubljana. He is a winner of Presernova prize for students. Apart from activities he is a permanent member of Brass ensemble of Slovenian philharmonic and miscellaneous chamber ensembles. He also realizes successfulm solo appearance in a Slovenia and all abroad.

Nenad Vasić - horn

Nenad Vasic has finished basic and high school in Novi Sad (music school Isidor Bajic). He graduated at the Music academy in Novi Sad in class of professor Ferenc Tarjanij. He won many first prize awards on local, republic and state competition of SFRJ., as well as second prize at International Horn competition in Bekes (Hungary).

Since 1996. he is professionally engaged in many orchestras as a I-solo hornist , among which are- operatic orchestra of Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad, "Vojvodjanski Simfonicari" , "Suboticka filharmonija",and chamber opera "Madlenianum" from Zemun. and from 2005. He's also engaged as a first hornist of Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. He is a member of Belgrade philharmonic quintet.
As a solo player, member of chamber ansambles and member of orchestras he participated at music festivals, such as: NOMUS, BEMUS, International Stand of Composers.... Since 2005. He worked As an assistant professor, and since 2008. As a docent at the Art Academy.

Boštjan Lipovšek - horn

Basis and postgraduate studies finished at Ljubljana academy for music in a class of the professor Joze Falouta. He did improvements at Radovan Vlatkovica in Salzburg "Mozarteumu". He is a winner of Presernova prize for the students, also won at an internationally contest "Citta di Porcia"… From 1995 he is a solo horn player of symphonic orchestra RTV Slovenia and the frequent guest of operetta La Monnaic in Brussels , Berlin symphonic orchestra and Mahler chamber orchestra. As a soloist he achieves a large number appearance with respectable orchestras and conductors all over the world. With ZKP RTV Slovenia he announces 3 CD’s �1 independent and 2 with chamber ensembles (Slovenian blower quintet and Blower quintet Ariadne).

From 1999 as an assistant and from 2004 as a docent he is working on the Academy for music in Ljubljana.

Nenad Janković - bassoon

He graduated and got the MA degree at the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade in the class of professor Mirko Isaesko. He is a founder of the wind trio in Belgrade Philharmonic and also he is one of the founders of the “Balkan Chamber Academy” ensemble. At the moment he is a solo bassoon player in Belgrade Philharmonic, in chamber opera “Madlenijanum” as well as the soloist with Symphonists of Vojvodina. As a soloist he performed in Belgrade Philharmonic, with the Army Orchestra of Serbia and Montenegro, with Belgrade Chamber Orchestra “Dusan Skovran” and with the orchestra “Strings of St Djordje and the chamber orchestra”, “YES” (Youth European Strings).

He was awarded by many awards in the federal competitions. He won the first prize in the international competition in Streza in Italy as well as October prize of the City of Belgrade.

Marina Nenadović - flute

Marina Nenadovic started her flute studies with Marija Grasselli in Belgrade.  After finishing her High School she left for New York City where she Graduated and received her Masters Degree at the Mannes College of Music, studying with Prof. Thomas Nyfenger.  She attended Masterclases with A.Nicole, A.Adorjan, C.Larde, W.Bennett and others.  During her studies she performed as a soloist and chamber musicians throughout USA and Canada.
She became a Principle flutist with the Belgrade Opera and Balllet Orchestra in 1989. and since 1994. she is the Principle flutist with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.  She performed as a soloist much of the flute repertoire of different epochs, playing with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Chamber orchestra "St.George", Nis Simphony Orchestra, "Ljubica Maric" Chamber Orchestra, Orchestra "Stanislav Binicki", Sinfonietta Belgrade.  She is the founding memeber of the Woodwind Quintet of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and Trio "Timbre" (flute, viola and harp).  With these groups she performed in numerous concerts and festivals in Serbia and abroad and she organized chamber music Masterclasses. For many years she performed as a member of Opera "Madlenianum" and chamber orchestra "Sinfonietta".  She is also a member of ensamble "Gradiliste" that performs and promotes new music.  She perfomed in all the important music festivals in the country and with Belgrade Philharmonic she traveled to Italy, Austria, Malta, Sweeden, China etc.  As a teacher, she taught in  the Woodwind Workshop in Tivat, Montenegro, and is currently a flute professor in "Josif Marinkovic" music High School in Belgrade.

Bojan Pešić - oboe

Bojan Pešić was born in Belgrade in 1972. He graduated in 1993, from Faculty of Music in Belgrade under guidance of professor Ljubiša Petruševski. While studying he landed a job on the position of second oboe at Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1997 he enrolled at Mannes College of music in New York, where he studied with professor Richard Dellassio, and received Professional Studies diploma in 1999. At the same time he held the position of principal oboe at The Lyric Theatre, an opera ensemble from Hoboken, New Jersey. In 2003 he obtained a master’s degree from Faculty of Music in Belgrade. In the same year he became the principal oboe of Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, the position which he holds at present. Together with two close friends and collegues, Nenad Jankovid bassoonist and Veljko Klenkovski clarinetist, he assembled Belgrade Wind Trio in 2000. With this chamber ensemble he has perfomed throughout the region, and recorded a CD published by PGP-RTS. In 2005 the trio transformed to become a quintet, adding the flute, played by Marina Nenadovid, and french horn, played by Nenad Vasid. The quintet has worked under name The Wind Quintet of Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, and is active presently.

Veljko Klenkovski - clarinet

He graduated at The Music Academy in Novi Sad in the class of Professor Nikola Srdic. He continued his specialization in Paris with eminent professors as Richard Vielle and Guy Deplus. He is winner of many first and special awards in international competitions in Ljubljana, Pancevo, Belgrade, Paris.

As a solo player, he performed with Royal Orchestra of Brisel, Belgrade Phipharmony, Simphony orchestra RTS, Strig orchestra Gudaci Sv. Djordja, Sinfony orchestra of Nis.

He held concerts in Belgium, Spain, Rusia, China. Germany, France, Austria, Swicherland, America and India.

He is a founder and member of Belgrade Philharmony trio and also mamber of Belgrade Philharmony quintet.. He was a member of Simphony orchestra of RTS as a first clarine tplayer, Philharmonie der Nationen Germany, Chamber opera Madlenianum.
Since 2002. he is first clarinet player in Belgrade Philharmony.

Sanja Romić - oboe

Sanja Romic has enrolled at Ferenc Liszt Academy for oboe in Budapest, in the class of professor Peter Pongrac and Gabor Dienes, as a scholar at Soros foundation, where she has graduated and got the MA diploma with honours.

During the schooling she won awards in the country competitions and also in the competition in Hungary. During 2004 and 2005 she had advanced education at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts Mozarteum in Salzburg in the class of professor Stefan Silij. As a solo performer she appeared with Erdobi Orchestra from Hungary, Salzburg Chamber Philharmonic, with the soloists from Zagreb, Orfeo Orchestra and with the Slovenian Army Orchestra. She cooperated with numerous international orchestras and held concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, the USA, China, Slovenia and Ireland. She is actively engaged in chamber music. She is a founder of Kvintart Association in Slovenia within which it operates a wind quintet Quintologia as well as different chamber ensembles. She regularly cooperates with the piano players Daniel Detoni and Finulo Mojnihan as well as with the harp player Paola Baron. She is an active member of the Ventus quintet from Salzburg. From 2005 to 2009 she appeared as a solo oboe player for the Slovene National Theatre Opera and Ballet in Ljubljana. She was teaching at music schools in Jasenice and Ljubljana. She has been a solo oboe player in Belgrade Philharmonic since March, 2013.

Bojan Vukelić - saxophone

Bojan Vukelic has been studying jazz as well as classic saxophone in parallel in the class of professors Karlheinz Miklin and Hannes Kawrze. In 2005 he went on advanced education in Cologne with professor Claudius Valk and one year later he got the MA degree. He recorded the CD in 2001 with the Opera Orchestra in Gratz, the piece of Tomaz Svete- Kriton. He recorded a CD with the ensemble “Banda Balkanika” for “Deutsche Welle” in Bonn- the music was inspired by the pieces of Tchaikovsky. He performed with his own quartet at festivals in Serbia, Croatia, Austria and Germany, while as one of the soloists of HGM Jazz Orchestra from Zagreb, he played in “ IAJE” festival in New York and then in Sweden, Slovenia, Belgium, Austria and Croatia. He performed with the Greek pianist Elena Papaspirou in Serbia, Austria and Greece. When he returned to Serbia he recorded a CD with the “Balkan Connection Band” which was led by Dusko Gojkovic. He appeared in Switzerland, Germany and Serbia with the same ensemble. He was involved in “Terazije Theatre” and RTS Big Band projects. He is a professor of saxophone at Music School “Kosta Manojlovic” in Zemun.

Aleksandar Burkert - flute

Graduated at the faculty of musical arts in Belgrade with Tahir Kulenovic. He was appointed as a principal flute of the Wind orchestra in Zemun, with conductor Vladimir Mustajbasic.

Cofounder of Novi Sad Big Bend orchestra, and has played alto and baritone saxophone and frula. Since 1987 he had been teaching in many music schools in Serbia. His students have won a
number of awards on national and international competitions.
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 awarded the best pedagogue of flute – Femus Subotica.

2014 he was awarded for his pedagogical results over the years, by the Union of associations of music and ballet pedagogues of Serbia.

Works in music school in Valjevo, where he regularly conducts summer and winter courses for teacher and pupils.